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Current Alternative Energy

ISSN: 2405-4631 (Online)
eISSN: 2405-464X (Print)

Current Alternative Energy, a peer reviewed journal publishes reviews , original research articles and thematic issues on experimental and applied research on alternative energy sources. The scope covers sustainable and alternative energy sources e.g. solar, wind and wave energy, geothermal, photovoltaics, biofuels. Coverage also includes enabling technologies for renewable energy and energy efficiency studies (science policy and investment). This inter-disciplinary journal will be of particular interest to environmental scientists and others in related disciplines.

Current Analytical Chemistry

ISSN: 1573-4110 (Online)
eISSN: 1875-6727 (Print)

Current Analytical Chemistry publishes expert reviews and original research articles on the most recent advances in analytical chemistry. All aspects of the field are represented, including analytical methodology, techniques, and instrumentation in both fundamental and applied research topics of interest to the broad readership of the journal. Current Analytical Chemistry strives to serve as an authoritative source of information in analytical chemistry and in related applications such as biochemical analysis, pharmaceutical research, quantitative biological imaging, novel sensors, and nanotechnology.

Current Antiplatelet Therapy Journal

ISSN: 2542-6117 (Online)
eISSN: 2542-6125 (Print)

Current Antiplatelet Therapy, a peer-reviewed journal, publishes timely reviews, original research articles, guest edited thematic issues, editorials and clinical trials. The journal aims to cover all aspects of the recent advancements and applications in antiplatelet therapy of synthetic and natural origin. The topics of interest will include but are not limited to: Synthetic agents with antiplatelet actions including derivates and structural activity relationship Natural agents especially secondary metabolites with pronounced antiplatelet effects. Evidence based complementary and alternative therapy having antiplatelet effects. Molecular docking and simulation studies on antiplatelet agents. Detail mechanistic studies on antiplatelet agents Clinical trials on any class of antiplatelet agents

Current Applied Polymer Science

ISSN: 2452-2716 (Online)
eISSN: 2452-2724 (Print)

Current Applied Polymer Science publishes expert review articles and thematic issues in all applied aspects of polymer science including composites, nano polymeric composites and molecular composites, It includes biodegradable polymers, polysaccharides and other natural polymers, membranes, energy conversion and storage, conducting polymers, biomedical implants, and synthetic polymers. It will cover miscible and compatible polymer blends, amorphous and semi-crystallline polymer blends, rubber toughened and elastomeric blends, self-reinforced blends, interpenetrating networks and all other aspects of polymer science as applied to various fields of pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacture, health, agriculture, new materials and other areas.

Current Bioactive Compounds

ISSN: 1573-4072 (Online)
eISSN: 1875-6646 (Print)

The journal aims to provide comprehensive review articles as well as research papers on new bioactive compounds with proven activities in various biological screenings and pharmacological models with a special emphasis on stereoeselective synthesis. The aim is to provide a valuable information source of bioactive compounds synthesized or isolated, which can be used for further development of pharmaceuticals by industry and academia. The journal should prove to be essential reading for pharmacologists, natural product chemists and medicinal chemists who wish to be kept informed and up-to-date with the most important developments on new bioactive compounds of natural or synthetic origin, including their stereoeselective synthesis.

Current Biochemical Engineering

ISSN: 2212-7119 (Online)
eISSN: 2212-712 (Print)

Current Biochemical Engineering, is a peer-reviewed journal, publishing expert review articles, original research articles and guest edited issues on all the major advances in biochemical engineering. The journal serves as a forum on current biochemical engineering applications which are of use in the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and water treatment industries.

Current Bioinformatics

ISSN: 1574-8936 (Online)
eISSN: 2212-392X (Print)

Current Bioinformatics aims to publish all the latest and outstanding developments in bioinformatics. Each issue contains a series of timely, in-depth reviews, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues written by leaders in the field, covering a wide range of the integration of biology with computer and information science.The journal focuses on reviews on advances in computational molecular/structural biology, encompassing areas such as computing in biomedicine and genomics, computational proteomics and systems biology, and metabolic pathway engineering. Developments in these fields have direct implications on key issues related to health care, medicine, genetic disorders, development of agricultural products, renewable energy, environmental protection, etc.Current Bioinformatics is an essential journal for all academic and industrial researchers who want expert knowledge on all major advances in bioinformatics.

Current Biomarkers (Discontinued)

ISSN: 2468-4228 (Online)
eISSN: 2468-4236 (Print)

Current Biomarkers publishes reviews, research articles, guest edited thematic issues, and reviews on biomarkers. The coverage includes novel biomarkers in basic, medical, environmental, and pharmaceutical research. . A selection of important and recent patents on biomarkers is also included in the journal. The journal is essential reading for all researchers involved in biomarker research and discovery. The journal also covers current research in fast emerging biomarker applications; discovery and validation for drug discovery, clinical development and molecular diagnostics.

Current Bionanotechnology (Discontinued)

ISSN: 2213-5294 (Online)
eISSN: 2213-5308 (Print)

Current Bionanotechnology is an international, peer-reviewed journal for bionanoscience and technology. The journal publishes short communications, original research articles, mini-reviews and special issues in all fields of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science and medicine dealing with biological materials at the nanoscale. The scope covers research which combines biological principles with physical and chemical procedures to generate nano-sized building blocks with specific functions and new properties. Also covered are the design and development of biologically-based procedures, the implementation of biological components and systems, the design of biocompatible objects and systems and the use of nanotechnology to support biotechnological processes. Emphasis is on bottom-up approaches for the design and development of novel nanomaterials. Current Bionanotechnology covers basic research in biological nanosciences, including in silico work as well as applied research toward the development of new devices and technologies for applications in various industrial fields. Authors are reminded of the interdisciplinary nature of the readership which requires emphasizing the relevance of the topic to a broad audience.

Current Biotechnology

ISSN: 2211-5501 (Online)
eISSN: 2211-551X (Print)

Current Biotechnology publishes critical and authoritative reviews, original research and methodology articles, and thematic issues in all areas of biotechnology, including basic and applied research. The journal serves as an advanced forum for innovative studies and major trends at the interface of technology, life sciences and biomedicine. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and reliable source of information on the current advances and future perspectives in key themes of biotechnology. Topics covered include: agricultural and plant biotechnology analytical biotechnology biochemical engineering bioinformatics biostatistics bioenergy bioethics biological engineering biomarkers biomaterials and bioproducts biomedical engineering biomining and bioremediation bionanotechnology biopolymers biorobotics biosensors chemical biotechnology environmental biotechnology food biotechnology healthcare biotechnology imaging technology and large scale biology industrial biotechnology life detection technology medical biotechnology metabolic engineering microbial biotechnology molecular therapy omics technologies: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics pharmaceutical biotechnology regenerative medicine space biotechnology synthetic biology systems biology tissue and cell engineering

Current Cancer Drug Targets

ISSN: 1568-0096 (Online)
eISSN: 1873-5576 (Print)

Current Cancer Drug Targets aims to cover all the latest and outstanding developments on the medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, genomics and biochemistry of contemporary molecular drug targets involved in cancer, e.g. disease specific proteins, receptors, enzymes and genes. Current Cancer Drug Targets publishes original research articles, letters, reviews, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues written by leaders in the field covering a range of current topics on drug targets involved in cancer. As the discovery, identification, characterization and validation of novel human drug targets for anti-cancer drug discovery continues to grow; this journal has become essential reading for all pharmaceutical scientists involved in drug discovery and development.

Current Cancer Therapy Reviews

ISSN: 1573-3947 (Online)
eISSN: 1875-6301 (Print)

Current Cancer Therapy Reviews publishes frontier reviews, original research articles, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues on all the latest advances in clinical oncology, cancer therapy and pharmacology. The journal's aim is to publish the highest quality review articles dedicated to clinical research in the field. The journal is essential reading for all researchers and clinicians in cancer therapy.

Current Cardiology Reviews

ISSN: 1573-403X (Online)
eISSN: 1875-6557 (Print)

Current Cardiology Reviews publishes frontier reviews of high quality on all the latest advances on the practical and clinical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. All relevant areas are covered by the journal including arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, drugs, methodology, pacing, and preventive cardiology. The journal is essential reading for all researchers and clinicians in cardiology.

Current Catalysis

ISSN: 2211-5447 (Online)
eISSN: 2211-5455 (Print)

Current Catalysis is an international peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original research, expert reviews and thematic issues in all core areas of catalysis including theoretical, experimental and applied research. The scope includes heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, bio-catalysis, synthesis and properties of new catalysts including synthesis and catalytic function of novel inorganic solids and complexes, studies that relate catalytic function to fundamental chemical processes in metal complexes and at surfaces, novel concepts in surface chemistry.

Current Chemical Biology

ISSN: 2212-7968 (Online)
eISSN: 1872-3136 (Print)

Current Chemical Biology aims to publish full-length and mini reviews as well as research papers on exciting new developments at the chemistry-biology interface, covering topics relating to Chemical Synthesis, Science at Chemistry-Biology Interface and Chemical Mechanisms of Biological Systems. Current Chemical Biology covers the following areas: Chemical Synthesis (Syntheses of biologically important macromolecules including proteins, polypeptides, oligonucleotides, oligosaccharides etc.; Asymmetric synthesis; Combinatorial synthesis; Diversity-oriented synthesis; Template-directed synthesis; Biomimetic synthesis; Solid phase biomolecular synthesis; Synthesis of small biomolecules: amino acids, peptides, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleosides; and Natural product synthesis). Science at Chemistry-Biology Interface (Chemical informatics; Macromolecular catalysts and receptors; Enzymatic synthesis; Biosynthetic engineering; Combinatorial biosynthesis; Plant cell based chemistry; Bacterial and viral cell based chemistry; Chemistry of cellular processes in plants/animals; Receptor chemistry; Cell signaling chemistry; Drug design through understanding of disease processes; Synthetic biology; New high throughput screening techniques; Small molecular array fabrication; Chemical genomics; Chemical and biological approaches to carbohydrates proteins and nucleic acids design; Chemical and biological regulation of biosynthetic pathways; and Unnatural biomolecular analogs). Chemical Mechanisms of Biological Systems (Mechanisms of drug design; Molecular recognition; Enzyme inhibition mechanisms; Chemical mechanisms of biological functions; Molecular machines; Chemical ecology; Metal ions in biological systems; Metalloenzymes; Chemical mechanisms, proteomics and metabonomics; Chemical imaging; Small molecule-biological target interactions; Biologically active natural products; Elucidation of biosynthetic pathways; and Simulation and modeling of biomolecules).